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About AOg inflatable aerial delivery platform

Assured Outcomes Group (AOG) is known for innovative; customer need focused rescue and recovery solutions. The Aerolite 12ft. Inflatable Aerial Delivery Platform (Aerolite-IADP-12-20) is the lightest and most versatile air delivery system of its kind.

Our Aerolite provides a simple, robust, light weight multi-function solution to contingency air drop operations. The system is designed to bring the payload safely to the area of operation with minimal build up and break down time. The system will roll up and can be recovered or left pressurized and attached behind a water borne vehicle as an additional floating work platform. The Aerolite-IADP-12-20 can also be re-pressurized using the exhaust fill system and utilized as a lift bag for rescue/recovery. AOG’s intent is to create solutions for our customers in the rescue/recovery and disaster response industry that provide additional capabilities and are designed with the end users mission and environment in mind.

Aerolite Expendable Platform Specifications


High Tensile Strength, puncture resistant, multilayered, highly pliable PVC


Self-crosslinked mar resistant Urethane

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