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Assured Outcomes Group is a trusted partner to assist and support your dynamic recovery needs.

Developed from the ground up and based on the United States Air Force Pararescue career field and mission set, the Guardian programs mission is to fill a gap in the private sector by providing a professionally trained, rapidly deployable, and highly capable recovery force. AOG’s Guardian teams are now capable of providing the same expansive capability of the Pararescuemen and their full spectrum of rescue and recovery solutions to our clients on short notice, anywhere in the world, and under the most austere conditions.

aerospace recovery program

Assured Outcomes Group Guardian teams Aerospace Recovery program was created with the intent to provide a safety net during all phases of commercial and industrial space travel. Assured Outcomes Group’s Aerospace Recovery Teams consist of specialized team members with diverse skill sets developed by Air Force Special Operations Pararescue Teams over many years of aerospace support operations. The goal of these teams is to save lives, recover personnel and equipment. AOG is positioned to support the commercial space recovery mission from launch to recovery. AOG is capable of deploying a variety of assets to include land, sea, and air to fully cover the objective area. ​

Assured Outcomes Group is seeking to employ a lean forward approach to support the current and future of the commercial space recovery programs by providing cutting edge training, equipment and staffing during all phases of the recovery process. Assured Outcomes Group will be a trusted partner now and continuing through the evolution of space travel by working together with our clients to develop a ground up solution based on their needs.

disaster rapid responce and recovery program

Assured Outcomes Group Guardian teams are deployable as a rapid response addition to augment follow on humanitarian aid capability. Our Guardian teams are trained and ready to provide an unparalleled rapid response airdrop capability for equipment, supplies and personnel. AOG is capable of responding to areas other organizations cannot reach in a timely manner. We will work in concert with other international relief organizations to provide a rapid response mechanism until slower, less agile organizations are in place. AOG’s Rapid Response Teams are also capable of providing armed security solutions to stabilize and secure safe space to launch relief operations.

Semi and Non Permissive Recovery Program

Assured Outcomes Group Guardian teams are positioned to provide personnel recovery, casualty evacuation (CASEVAC), and search and rescue (SAR) services for U.S. DOD, and NGO customers in support of operations worldwide. Ground personnel recovery/rescue operations would be performed by AOG Guardian Recovery Specialists utilizing fixed and rotary wing aircraft.


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