sar 125 jet board

About the Search and rescue 125 Jet Board

Developed to present an unrivaled user experience. The technology combines a composite structure with a strong and sophisticated, high-end Nordic electrical engine. The  Kraka SAR 125 is designed to the highest level of detail, qualified for real life situations when it comes to both capacity and reliability.

 The SAR 125 fundamentally changes the premises for operational work in critical situations, at sea and in all other waterborne assignments, where caution, safety, and agility are crucial for the mission’s success. The SAR 125 is designed for advanced rescue and recovery operations. The rescuers can quickly maneuver it and assist while waiting for salvage to rescue vessels or helicopters. It can be launched from land, vessels, vehicles, aircraft, or parachute dropped.

It’s ease of use, low weight and shallow draft makes it an ideal tool for reaching a person in need quickly. The electrically powered jet engine provides exceptional torque, and the exchangeable battery enables hours of usage. It’s operational under water which further increases its usability.

It can be made operational within seconds, it’s easy and efficient to use and quickly stowed away when the mission is completed.

SAR 125 Specifications






12 “


276 lbs




2 or 3 kw

Exchangeable Battery

Run Time

20-60 mins

Charge Time

80/120 mins

Battery Type

Lithium Ion

Battery Lifetime

600 Charging Cycles

Sensory System

Motor temp / ECU temp / Battery Management
System / Water detection / Humidity / Upside down
shutoff / Overcurrent / Cell voltage and balancing

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