Professional Security

Quality Drive, Professional Services, Both Armed and Unarmed Physical Security Services for Commercial Clientele

Assured Outcomes Group

Assured Outcomes Group is a trusted supply chain management partner that delivers strategic capability to organizations globally by simplifying and synchronizing the most daunting logistics complexities.

Crisis Response

Assured Outcomes Group is dedicated to the response and operational management of personnel recovery and supply of critical lifesaving supplies to Afghanistan.

AOG Clientele

Government & NGO

With  a combined 50+ years of delivering disaster relief & emergency management solutions, we are leaders during humanitarian crises and a long-term partner of both federal and international government agencies, militaries, and non-profit organizations.


A global network of strategic partnerships allows us to facilitate the highest quality of service and safety to help deliver group charter, express air cargo, and freight transport services to suit any situation.


The Assured Outcomes Group Aerospace Recovery Team was created to provide a safety net during all phases of commercial and industrial space travel. AOG’s Recovery Teams consist of specialized team members with diverse skill sets developed over many years of aerospace support operations.


AOG Services

Assured Outcomes Group is a capable and reliable provider of comprehensive integrated Supply Chain Management to a broad range of clientele. We provide capabilities and resources to customers in the aerospace, defense, and private sectors.  AOG offers unmatched solutions in navigating the most daunting logistics and supply chain challenges in complex environments worldwide. Our decades of experience, nuanced leadership, applied technology, and bespoke strategic approaches, create an unparalleled client-experience while ensuring optimal results.


Mission & Values

Our Mission is to bring our clients success by providing them with innovative solutions and services. Our Values not only guide our behavior, they shape the way we think. These core values guide and shape us both in the normal course of business and at critical “moments of truth.” We value people who:

  • Create exceptional customer experience
  • Have an enthusiasm to reward our people and stakeholders
  • Go the additional mile to help others
  • Communicate openly and honestly
  • Work with speed and reason
innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Assured Outcomes Group (AOG) is known for innovative; customer need focused solutions. Our innovations are designed to manage complex environments and provide tools that help achieve high performance. 

Aerolite™ Platform

Inflatable Aerial Delivery Platform – Assured Outcomes Group (AOG) is known for innovative; customer need focused rescue and recovery solutions. The Aerolite 12ft. Inflatable Aerial Delivery Platform (Aerolite-IADP-12-20) is the lightest and most versatile air delivery system of its kind.

SAR 125 Jet Board

The SAR 125 is designed for advanced rescue and recovery operations. The rescuers can quickly maneuver it and assist while waiting for salvage to rescue vessels or helicopters. It can be launched from land, vessels, vehicles, aircraft, or parachute dropped.