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Assured Outcomes Group was founded to provide critical security, procurement, logistics and training solution to a broad range of clientele.

We understand the dynamic realities of the world today, and the multitude of threats facing individuals, private businesses, and corporations, operating both domestically and abroad. AOG offers our clients the critical solutions needed to assure their employees, infrastructure, and most valuable assets are protected. We ensure the most optimal outcome is achieved, regardless of the risk, location, or complexity of the situation.

AOG is not your standard security provider, we specialize in semi-permissive, and non-permissive environments. We ensure your personnel and assets are protected.  Our multinational teams are available to respond anywhere in the world in a moment’s notice and are able to provide intelligence, unarmed and armed security, asset recovery, medical evacuation and infrastructure protection, in addition to travel advisories.

why choose aog for your critical mission support services?


We offer integrity in every aspect of what we do. Our team is committed to professional and ethical behavior in all aspects of supporting your mission.


At AOG we believe that strong leadership is integral to organizational success. We are dedicated to building a company based on quality, compliance, rigorous training and flawless execution.


Reliable systems are efficient systems, and efficiency is key to succeeding. At AOG we understand that being a reliable and efficient partner with our clients insures success in today’s competitive marketplace.


Mission & Values

Our Mission is to bring our clients success by providing them with ground-breaking solutions and services. Our Values not only steer our conduct, they influence the way we think. These core values guide and shape us both in the normal course of commerce and at critical “moments of truth.” We value people who:


Create exceptional customer experience


Have an enthusiasm to reward our people and stakeholders


Go the additional mile to help others


Communicate openly and honestly


Work with speed and reason

assured results

career opportunities

Join our mission-focused team and give your career limitless possibilities.

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