Aviation Support

Why Choose AOG


AOG operates to a standard that ensures the safety of crew, passenger, and cargo to prevent injury and loss of life or equipment.


AOG provides air charter solutions designed to meet customer requirements—and which deliver results on Day One


AOG currently operates aircraft under US and international civil authorities and has access to certified operators and partners.


AOG can obtain the optimal combination of personnel, experience, capabilities, and equipment for each transport need.


AOG can rapidly provide a diverse team and required assets to meet immediate requirements, often within 48 hours


AOG maintains a 24/7/365 operations office focused on monitoring events in real-time and capable of aircraft call-up anytime.

Material Handling

AOG provides personnel certified in loading/unloading equipment in compliance with FAA and OSHA regulations.


AOG has established plans and procedures to staff and deploy personnel and assets worldwide to meet customer needs.


AOG can support all elements of an air charter program to provide a dynamic, end to end solution.


AOG operates air charter everywhere from remote gravel strips to high density metropolitan airports.

About aviation support

Assured outcomes group aviation support and coordination team works with a number of qualified aviation providers to offer world class services for multitude of customer requirements.

Tried. Tested. Trusted.

With a proven track record of excellence, we’ve exclusively worked with the highest quality equipment and the most technically proficient pilots to offer helicopter services skillfully, safely, and on time. It’s why we’re continuously trusted by our clients to provide them with the helicopter services they need, whenever and wherever they need us.

heavy lift rotary wing

Heavy lift helicopters are a perfect solution for those in need of air crane support in tough to reach areas. Not only can we reserve a helicopter to replace a ground crane, but we can also utilize a heavy lift helicopter for the transportation of over-sized items from point A to point B. Helicopters provide a flexible means of conveyance for building materials, towers and those items requiring the ability to lift heavy objects. Helicopters will also provide you with a much more convenient and less time consuming way to deliver or lift items to remote locations and those in areas that otherwise would not be reached with traditional cranes. The precision gained with a helicopter is your best choice to mitigate risk and save time as well as money.

medium lift rotary wing

Medium  lift helicopters are a perfect solution for those who need to lift heavy or awkward loads that cannot be transported via traditional means, or when other methods are not viable or not economically feasible.

light rotary wing

Light weight rotary helicopters are the perfect for construction projects requiring crew and equipment transportation to remote locations or terrain inaccessible from the ground. It is the ideal solution for crew transport, and filming.

fixed wing aircraft

AOG transports passengers and cargo worldwide using fixed wing platforms. AOG employs employs highly trained and experienced aviation and logistics personnel to provide a rapid, tailored, turnkey air charter solution that meets customer needs.


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