About AOG Aviation Services

Tried. Tested. Trusted.

Assured Outcomes Group delivers peerless capability to our clients with the ability to call on virtually any aircraft type for both time sensitive and enduring requirements through support and coordination of our global network of aviation providers. 

With a proven track record of excellence, we’ve exclusively worked with the highest quality equipment and the most technically proficient pilots and crew to offer aviation services skillfully, safely, and on time. Our standard of excellence has instilled the confidence in our clients to continue call on us to provide them with aviation services for their most important requirements.

Available AOG Aviation Services




AOG operates to a standard that ensures the safety of crew, passenger, and cargo to prevent injury and loss of life or equipment.


AOG provides air charter solutions designed to meet customer requirements—and which deliver results on Day One


AOG currently operates aircraft under US and international civil authorities and has access to certified operators and partners.


AOG can obtain the optimal combination of personnel, experience, capabilities, and equipment for each transport need.

Quick Reaction

AOG can rapidly provide a diverse team and required assets to meet immediate requirements, often within 48 hours

24/7 Operation

AOG maintains a 24/7/365 operations office focused on monitoring events in real-time and capable of aircraft call-up anytime.

Material Handling

AOG provides personnel certified in loading/unloading equipment in compliance with FAA and OSHA regulations.


AOG has established plans and procedures to staff and deploy personnel and assets worldwide to meet customer needs.


AOG can support all elements of an air charter program to provide a dynamic, end to end solution.


AOG operates air charter everywhere from remote gravel strips to high density metropolitan airports.

Available AOG Aviation Solutions

Rotary Wing


Heavy lift helicopters provide a perfect solution for tasks that require air crane support in conventionally inaccessible locations for oversized or maximally heavy loads. They provide expedient delivery of goods with increased precision and are the optimal solution to projects where ground cranes cannot be used. AOG carries a deep well of knowledge and experience working with heavy lift assets to replace or augment ground cranes along with utilizing them along complex logistics movements to transport oversized items to their indented destination. The functions for which AOG can utilize these helicopters serves a myriad of industries for innumerous project applications.

Rotary Wing


Medium lift helicopters are ideal for projects requirement the precision transport and delivery of lift heavy or irregular loads that cannot be transported via traditional means, or when conventional methods are not viable or economically feasible.

Rotary Wing


Light weight rotary helicopters are expedient and agile solutions for transporting equipment and crews to remote locations or projects based on inaccessible terrain for ground movements. The versatility offered by light weight rotary aircraft makes them a constantly viable option the AOG leverages to accomplish client requirements.



AOG can use virtually every fixed wing platform to meet global cargo and personnel movement requirements. AOG employs highly accredited and experienced aviation personnel to provide a rapid, tailored, turnkey air cargo solutions ensuring our clients maintain and optimize a global supply chain footprint.